Thank you for shopping at Sew Appealing!  I really appreciate your business and I look forward to working with you.  I focus on finding adorable fabrics that will help you or your little one look cute in almost any messy situation!  Find me in person if you are in Butler, Pennsylvania.


Planned 2015 Show Schedule 

(please send me a message if you would like more info about any show):

Saturday, March 7, 2015, 10am-3pm, Butler Boys Baseball Spring Craft Show, ´╗┐Butler Intermediate High School, Butler, PA


Planning for... Friday & Saturday, July 24 & 25, 2015, The Summer Market, ´╗┐Veterans Park, Avon Lake, Ohio

Select items are featured at the following shops:

Best Bib & Tucker in Hartville, Ohio (Infant bibs, burp cloths & toddler bibs)

Cosmic Bobbins in Shaker Square, Ohio (Infant bibs, burp cloths & toddler bibs)

Funky Junk Boutique in Seville, Ohio (Appliqued "Heart Ohio" FreeSet Tote Bags)

Hungry Bee in Chagrin Falls, Ohio (Appliqued "Heart Ohio" FreeSet Tote Bags)

The Liberty Galleria in Franklin, Pennsylvania (FULL inventory)

One Lucky Dog Bakery, Public Square, Medina, Ohio (Great selection of Aprons)

The Enchanted Olive in Zelienople, PA (Great selection of Aprons) 

I also welcome appointments at my studio, please contact me to set up a time that is convenient for you to shop.  I always have a great selection of inventory on hand!


Toddler Bib

My favorite item is one of the first I created for my own children, the toddler bib.  Meal times had become so messy because my 8 month old wouldn’t keep a bib on, or when she did, the bib was too small to catch her mess.  I created a bib that covers a toddler from waist to neck and shoulder to shoulder and now even has a snap up pocket on the front.  To conquer the issue of pulling off the bib, I fastened it with a snap at the neck.  No Velcro® to itch their neck, get stuck to everything else in the washer and then after a few washings lose its stickiness anyway! The most recent addition to the toddler bib is snaps to create a pocket on the front of the bib.  If you prefer allowing the bib to hang on the child's lap, then you don't need to use them, otherwise, they create a pouch to catch the "run-away" pieces of food.  The snaps also allow for thorough cleaning at the waste basket and again in the wash.

My 6 yr old still wears the bibs when we are having a messy meal.  I love that I can use fabrics to reflect each child’s taste and interests; it makes it easier to convince them to wear a bib!