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Hi, I'm Kara, owner of Sew Appealing.

I would describe myself as a blend between a stay-at-home mom and small business owner.  My career started in corporate buying for department and specialty stores prior to getting married and having a family.  Twelve years ago, I chose to leave the corporate hustle (when my first son was born), and now my husband and I have three great kids. I enjoy the freedom in owning my own business; I am able to raise my children and my creative talents and business sense.  We live in the small town of Butler, which is about an hour north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Sew Appealing began as a way to create useful baby products for my family and friends. My mom and aunt taught me how to sew when I was about 10 years old.  Sorority sisters used to tease me in college for cross stitching while I watched TV, I would laugh and say I was an old women stuck in the body of a 20 year old.  Once I had kids of my own, I quickly realized the options of cute and functional baby bibs were limited, and I used my sewing skills to fashion an alternative. My niece wore the first infant bibs so that the drool wouldn't soak her outfit.  My own children, used many burp cloths and toddler bibs through their younger, messier days.

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The mission of my brand is to create beautiful pieces to bring a smile to peoples faces.  I focus on choosing quality, on trend fabrics, to create pieces that wash and wear well.  I've heard many stories about our bibs that have been used by many babies.  I use 100% cotton fabrics, as a busy mom I know goods must be simple to wash.  I think through a parents' routine and create products that help control the unpredictable" (thinking specifically of spit-up, drool, and food that ends up all over!) More recently, I have translated my love for fabrics into aprons as well.  They are a statement piece to proudly wear in the kitchen, but they will keep your outfit clean too!

You can also find me set up at Markets and Shops throughout Eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania at Markets and Local Shops.