Reaching goals

Today Sew Appealing hit a milestone!  It was a goal of mine to have a customer in all 50 states, a goal I had no control over, but still a goal.

About 3 years ago, in a family conversation, my children asked me if I thought there were Sew Appealing products across all of the United States.  I found this question interesting, because I didn't have an answer, and I was curious.  After going through all of my Etsy order history, I was excited to report to the kids there were only 5 states with no orders yet.  This began my project (and family geography refresher), and we colored in a map of the USA by state who now had Sew Appealing fans.  Over the past few years it has reached 49 of 50... with a little happy dance at each state I could color (I remember Montana and Hawaii were two that I thought would be tough, so they were exciting to color in.)

 My last state to reach was Rhode Island. I remember a few months ago as I looked at my map I thought, without knowing much about RI, "I bet they have a small population, I may never fill in that state."

So today, I will celebrate the little victory (thanks to Etsy), and a new customer named Lisa, Sew Appealing has now shipped an order to EVERY STATE in the USA!!

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