17 Great Gift Ideas for Moms

Moms deserve special thanks, maybe it is her birthday, Mother's Day or just because she's awesome!  She wears a lot of hats; for her family, job, school, church, neighborhood and so many others, often she doesn't take a lot of time for herself.  These gift ideas are simple ways to show your wife, your mom, your grandma or even another mom friend, that she is appreciated.

Personalized just for her

1. Simple bracelet by Royal Owl Design - Handstamped with the saying "Your first breath took mine away". A perfect reminder of the moment that made her a mom, $15.95.

2. Sterling Silver Name Necklace by Vintage Stamp Jewels - Custom made just for her with stamping on 1-4 sides, and various lengths of the necklace too.  Necklace stamped on 1-2 sides and 16" long is $35.

3. Personalized Note Card Set by Curio Press - I know that snail mail is fading fast, but it is still exciting to find a note in the mailbox.  What a neat way to remind mom she still has her own identity! Set of 12 cards with font color of your choice $15.

4. Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler by Everyday Calligraphy - Simple fact, wine glasses and kids just don't mix.  Where to start the height... being top heavy... being made of breakable glass... they just all spell disaster with kids.  This custom tumbler, $15.95.

For the New Mom

1. Soft and absorbent bib + burp cloth from Sew Appealing. These thick bibs give mom a break from constantly changing damp bibs on a little teether.  The burp cloth is sure to be her favorite because it is stylish and soft. Tons of fabrics available, Organic Grey Elephant pictured $20.

2. Waxed Canvas Sawyer Diaper Bag from Ellie Jane Bags. This water-resistant bag has tons of pockets to keep everything for her and the kids organized.  It has two attached straps for shoulder carrying, or a detachable strap for cross body (which was so important for me with kids!) Charcoal Grey pictured $199

3. Matching Mommy & Me Leggings by Makenzie Madison of Phildaelphia. Such an adorable statement for mom and her mini me to match, and they are available in sizes from infants through adult.  My favorite floral print pattern, starts at $44.95.

4. Beautiful Swaddle Blanket from Gigi and Max.  I'll tell you one of my parenting secrets, swaddle blankets help newborn babies sleep!  Don't hold me to that with every baby, but for my 3 kids, they were my sanity saver!  What could be more precious than a sleeping baby in floral print (and even a matching headwrap) is just gorgeous, starting at $26, but obviously sleep is priceless!

5. Pocket Toddler Bib from  Sew Appealing - Save that mom some effort by getting her a bib for the little ones that will keep the food off their outfit, stay securely around their neck, and look adorable!  Forest Friends Print pictured $12.

6. Shhh...  Baby Sleeping sign from All Spelled Out - The sudden end to baby's afternoon nap often happens when someone rings the doorbell.  I personally used this sign and it worked wonderfully! Other custom options available too, Wood Sign with handmade felt flowers $35.

Everyday Luxuries

I must start by saying these aren't luxury priced items, but they are things that mom may not otherwise buy for herself.  They aren't necessities, but they sure are beautiful!

1. Porcelain Honeycomb Air Plant Holder by Revisions Design -  I have just been obsessed with air plants and wall hanging holders.  These are so unique and simple, they take very little "care", and they bring such a modern twist into home decor.  Set of 2  for $52.

2. Designer Apron by Sew Appealing - Cooking can feel like quite a chore, but with a fun apron on it can really change her mood!  Fully lined lantern apron, $45.

3. Bathtub Tea - French Lavender & Garden Mint by Buttercup and Thistle - These are actual tea bags made for in the bathtub, I can hardly think of a more relaxing gift for a tired mom.  Add in about 30 minutes of a quiet house and it would be pure bliss! 2 tea bags , $6.

4. Lavender Bookmark by TinyKeaCo. - Fill her cozy reading time with the relaxing aroma of lavender with this colorful and unique aromatherapy bookmark, $10.95.

5. Coffee Mug by Jessica Gray Ceramics - I personally own one of these handmade mugs and I think every mom deserves one.  Such a simple pleasure to stumble downstairs and pull out this mug that fits perfectly in my hand, I swear the coffee even tastes better!  Other colors also available, red and copper color $25.

6. Desktop Succulent Wonder by Shop Succulents - Succulents are so popular right now, sadly, here in Pittsburgh, this touch of the Southwest is such a breath of fresh air (mid-April here and it is still snowing.) A low maintenance plant for a mom who just doesn't have extra effort to put into gardening, plant kit $18.99.

7. Rewined Candle by Rewined - My favorite candles! Honestly, after having one or more toddlers around for the better part of 8 years, I very rarely burn candles. But... these are my favorite candle, the scent is so worth finding that safe, open, high spot to light a flame.  Would pair perfectly with the Bathtub Tea. Other scents available, Zinfindel, $28