10 Healthy Finger Foods that Toddlers can Feed Themselves

Messy bib, clean toddler!

Messy bib, clean toddler!

When my kids were toddlers, their favorite things to eat were chicken nuggets and pancakes.  These were easy meals to make, and they were able to feed it to themselves… unfortunately, neither has great nutritional value.  I wanted to encourage them to be independent eaters, and eat a balanced diet too.

Once I had my second child, it became important for my toddler to be able to feed himself, at least a little.  As most children, he was not neat about his meals.  I felt like he was getting half in his mouth and half down his shirt.  The little bibs that we had just weren’t covering him enough.  My solution was to design a better bib, with an 18 month old in mind!  After using them myself, I branded them as Sew Appealing's Toddler Pocket Bibs (click here to shop).  Made to be big, they cover shoulder to shoulder and down to their lap.  They fasten around the neck with a strong snap, so they are hard to pull off.  They are machine washable, tumble dry, so there is no extra thought needed when laundering them.  There is a snap up pocket on the front to help catch some of the run-away pieces (my kids always used it as an after dinner snack when they could pick the pieces out of the pocket!)  They are created to make a mom’s life simpler!

Along the same the simpler life idea, my solution to the “what’s for lunch dilemma” came from pairing the shapes of nuggets and pancakes, with healthy veggies, fruits and grains.  Here are 10 healthy options of foods that toddlers can feed themselves.


Hope you enjoy trying some of these finger food recipes.  Don't forget to save yourself some time by covering up your toddler with a Toddler Bib too!